I am gardening

my thoughts

with the same

rotten seeds

which were once so green.

I put them under

daily shower

to let them think and let them breathe.

For I do believe everything ; every being

has an ability to retrieve.



Sturdy Soul

I have got


with more

broken promises.


I am at


with lies

full of smile.


I can hear the


of that silent cry.


I can read

those deceiving



I am comfortable

and no

more Paranoid.                                                        –@DevikaChhibber





I can stay in a castle

I can witness the deep lake from my window pane.

I can see the army intruding to the palace,

I can hear the bell of bullock cart.

I hear the sound of birds

I can see all over bunch of flowers.

I can travel to the foreign land

I see the world from a different heart.

Oh when I read its a magic

I can live so many lives

I can travel through the space

I am not bound to any time

when i shuffle the pages

I feel so alive.



It beats like a thunder bolt when it saw you,

Even though you did not see.

My flames are bound to ignite you.

Just turn around and

For once look into me

You will notice the welcoming acceptance of your heart for me

Oh for once look around

Look at me…

So what if I am sitting in the middle of crowd

singing old high school poetry

and you are pouring down the drinks in the glasses

and asking for further services.

So what if all are gazing me, praising me.

yet I still desire you over all the people in world

You are the one who saved me.

You bought the light in the dark chambers of my heart.

ohh Just turn around, for once

Look onto ME..

look into the magic touch of your heart

It ignited the change in Me.

Chin up your face,you silly

then only;

You will notice the welcoming acceptance of your heart for me.





Just a Second!

Pauses are so essential. In a still moment; they give you picture of self reflection. they give you hint of what exactly is going around. Is it the bad day at office or a moment with a loved one or psycho ideas of leaving away everything and finding solace in isolated places.

Pause and reflect don’t just fade away. Try to discover your inner thoughts, fears, beliefs anything. Just pause and reflect.

“Here is your order Mam”, i took my meal, grabbed a corner chair with a subtle smile.

“Just a second” every-time i hear this phrase. I pause and reflect.